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Safe Campaign Pledge

Politics is not more important than public health. Bishopstoke & Fair Oak Independents feel that during the covid19 crisis, local elections should not compromise community safety. We’ve taken measures to prioritise safety.

We also try to keep our campaigning transparent, making it clear when we are campaigning by including imprints in posts. This year, we also paused campaigning following the passing of the Duke of Edinburgh. And we did not campaign on the day of the Duke’s funeral.

Here’s our Safe Campaign Pledge:

  • To prioritise community safety throughout the election campaigns.
  • To avoid activity that might compromise social distancing, including door-to-door canvassing and telling at polling stations.
  • To advise volunteers helping to deliver leaflets on steps to be taken to reduce risk.
  • To promote postal voting.

So we have not been knocking on doors to canvas. We’ve met residents who have wanted to talk to us whilst delivering our leaflets, but we’ve been social distancing and remained outside. Our leaflet deliverers have worn masks when delivering to flats inside and have been taking safety measures.

On election day, Thursday 6th May, we will be following all the advice given to us by the Council Officers who are organising the elections. This includes not offering lifts to polling stations. We will not be “telling”. This is where you would normally see campaigners outside the polling station noting voter numbers. It will feel a little odd for us staying at home on election day, but it is so important to stay as safe as possible.

Postal Voting

It’s been great to hear that more people are opting for postal voting whilst covid19 is still a major concern.

The Council have posted all of the postal voting papers. Expect to receive two or three envelopes: one with the Police and Crime Commissioner ballot papers, one with Borough and County ballot papers and a third envelope if you are in one of the 3 of 5 wards of Bishopstoke Parish Council that are having an election this year. If you are concerned that your postal voting papers have not arrived, call the Council on 023 8068 8000.

Your postal voting papers need to reach the Council by 10pm on Thursday 6th May. If you are worried that the post may not be speedy enough, you can either drop your completed postal vote (in the envelope, as if you were posting) at a polling station or at Eastleigh House, Upper Market Street, Eastleigh, SO50 9YN. More information is on the Council’s website.

But please do not hand your postal vote to a candidate or campaigner to drop off on your behalf. This is against the code of conduct for candidates and campaigners. You can ask a trusted friend or family member to do this, but not a candidate or campaigner.

Emergency Proxy Voting

There are special circumstances where you can still apply for an emergency proxy vote up until 5pm on Thursday 6th May. If you need to make use of this, call the Council on 023 8068 8000 as soon as you can. You will then be able to ask somebody you trust to place your vote for you. Emergency proxy votes can be arranged if you have a medical emergency, you are called away for work or if you are self-isolating due to covid19.

Promoted by and on behalf of: Louise Anne Parker-Jones, Gin Tidridge, Ray Dean, Dave Francis, Louise Hillier-Wheal, Anne Dean, Susan Lynch and Ralph Candy. Postal Address: Bishopstoke Independents, The IncuHive Space, Mayflower Close, Chandler’s Ford Industrial Estate, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO53 4AR.