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Supporting keeping council tax down

Independent Councillors have actively supported zero rises in both the Borough Council and Parish Council parts of Council Tax for 2021/2022.

Although Cllrs Ray Dean, Lou Parker-Jones and Gin Tidridge remain concerned about the level of debt carried by the Borough Council, it did not feel appropriate to raise Council tax at this time. The increased risk that dependence on commercial rents as an income stream now presents the Borough Council needs to be assessed.

At Bishopstoke Parish Council, Cllr Gin Tidridge pushed for no rise in the precept. “The precept has been increasing in recent years. When so many are finding their household finances are challenging, Johanna, Anne, Lou and I were keen to freeze it this year. We were really pleased to see this supported by fellow parish councillors.” The Parish Council has frozen burial fees and given a shopping voucher to the parents of primary schoolchildren in receipt of free school meals at Christmas.

For now, Bishopstoke Parish Council’s precept remains lower than the Borough Council portion of our council tax. This is not the case for some local parish councils. In both Hound and Hamble, the parish precepts exceed the Borough Council portion. You can find a breakdown in this link.

Hampshire County Council is increasing Council Tax which reflects the impact that covid19 has had on its services.