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Bishopstoke Parish Council June Update

Last night (Tuesday 22nd) Bishopstoke Parish Council held a full council meeting at the Methodist Church, chaired by Cllr Ray Dean. 100% attendance! One of the agenda items was allocating Parish Councillors to committees and working groups – here is how the Bishopstoke independent group are covering these:

  • Planning Committee: Anne Dean, Louise Hillier-Wheal, Ralph Candy, Dave Francis
  • Finance Committee: Ray Dean, Lou Parker-Jones, Gin Tidridge
  • Asssets Committee: Gin Tidridge, Ray Dean, Dave Francis
  • Communications Working Group: Dave Francis
  • Carnival Working Group: Louise Hillier-Wheal
  • Village Trails Working Group: Louise Hillier-Wheal, Gin Tidridge, Anne Dean, Ray Dean, Sue Lynch
  • Climate Emergency Working Group: Gin Tidridge, Anne Dean
  • Neighbourhood Plan Working Group: Ray Dean, Gin Tidridge, Anne Dean

The meeting also co-opted Christine McKeone as a parish councillor. Because only 2 candidates stood for 3 vacancies for Stoke Common Ward in May’s Local Elections, there was a vacancy. Chris stood as a candidate for Labour in May and has been involved in many community activities over the years.